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The Best Fishing Magnets for Magnet Fishing 

When it comes to fishing for metals, neodymium fishing magnets are undoubtedly the best. When it comes to magnet fishing Online Magnets as leading neodymium magnet suppliers know what they are talking about.

With this article, we hope to answer any concerns or questions about using our magnets and the best magnets to use for finding valuable items. 

What is Magnetic Fishing?

For those few who don’t know, magnet fishing has become a world phenomenon with so many people taking up magnet fishing as a sport and a hobby.

It’s a hobby that can become very rewarding as many forgotten treasures have been found by people magnet fishing. So what is magnet fishing, it’s searching for metallic objects in waterways using a neodymium magnet. 

Believe it or not, one guy thought it was for the old fairground magnet fish game. Where you dangled a rod with a magnet in water to pick up plastic ducks etc. and win a prize. 

After we explained what magnet fishing was and the treasures you can find he wanted to purchase the most powerful magnet in the shop. 

Leading Suppliers of Fishing Magnets 

Online Magnets are the leading supplier of neodymium magnets not just in the UK but worldwide. Established in 2014, Online Magnets has a fishing magnet company that has grown in strength. 

We are the Fishing Magnet Experts

Still run as a family business they have built up a reputation within the fishing magnet industry as being able to supply the strongest magnets available. 

What started out as a small business run from a shop in Dudley, West Midlands has grown into a thriving online successful fishing magnet business.

Strongest Fishing Magnets with Pull-Force

When looking in waterways for metallic objects using a super strong magnet. This eliminates any problems of not being able to lift objects out from the water. Our strong fishing magnets have a pull force of up to 1800kg, giving them the title of neodymium super magnets.

Magnet Fishing Accessories

At Online Magnets we don’t just sell magnets made from neodymium. We have a range of accessories designed to make your magnet fishing experience better.

  • Hand Protection Gloves
  • Magnetic Fishing Rope
  • Grappling Hooks 
  • Our Own Online Magnets Branded Products. 

Magnet Fishing FAQs

How are Neodymium Magnets Made?

A neodymium magnet also known as a rare earth magnet is made by heating neodymium, iron and boron together as a mixture. Which is then cast into ingots, pulverised and then magnetised to produce rare earth magnets. 

Is Magnet Fishing Legal? 

Currently, there are no laws in the UK prohibiting magnet fishing on public waterways. Although if you intend to go magnet fishing, check you are not on private land or you may be arrested for trespass.

If you are unsure whether the land is private or public or if there are any restrictive by-laws check first. For instance, there is an old UK bylaw from 1965 that any canals & rivers which are owned by the canals & rivers trust cannot be dredged. As magnet fishing is a kind of dredging then it’s illegal. 

Why use Neodymium Magnets? 

Neodymium as magnets, are super strong magnets, whether small or a big magnet the magnetic force these magnets produce is phenomenal. Making for the strongest fishing magnet in the world.

Magnet Fishing Tips for Success

  • Use our magnets, our magnets have been tried and tested for strength and durability
  • Only use our branded super strong rope for magnet fishing 
  • Use a fishing magnet in areas where lots of people hang out, you’re more likely to find items of value
  • Wear our branded gloves at all times. Using a fishing magnet can be demanding on hands and avoids nasty cuts and abrasions. 
  • Magnet size matters, for retrieving bigger items you are going to need a strong fishing magnet. Bigger magnets enable you to pull up bigger things.
  • Have a few magnets on hand, there is nothing worse than only having one fishing magnet. If you lose that magnet on your first cast, your fishing magnet day is over. 

Need more information on our Branded Fishing Magnets 

If you have any unanswered questions regarding our range of magnets or want to know which fishing magnet is best for you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and chat with one of our fishing magnet experts.