Large Magnet

Neodymium Magnets used as Fishing Magnets 

If you need a neodymium large magnet or a neodymium small magnet you can be sure Online Magnets have what you need. As the leading magnet supplier. They have a wealth of knowledge on the best choice of neodymium magnets for the different types of magnet fishing.

To find out more about our magnets and different uses of magnets for that ultimate fishing with magnets experience, please read on.

About Online Magnets

Established in 2014 when they sold their first magnet, Online Magnets has grown significantly to now become the leading magnet supplier worldwide. Since 2014 and their rapid rise to become the leading magnet supplier. Online Magnets remains a family-run business which offers that personal touch to all customers.

Reasons to Purchase Magnets from us

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • High-Quality neodymium magnet stockiest
  • Knowledgeable team of magnet experts
  • Renowned Worldwide for stocking the best & strongest magnets
  • Keep a stock of fishing magnets from 20kg to 1800kg
  • Every fishing magnet budget catered for

Magnets are available to purchase online or in their large magnet store in Dudley West Midlands

Latest High-Quality Fishing Magnets 

We stock a huge range of high-quality recovery & super magnets which are all made from neodymium. To find out more about our magnets and magnet kits & accessories, please see below.

Magnetic Fishing Starter Kits 

To get you fishing straight away, we stock a range of fishing with magnets starter kits, ideal for the novice magnet fisherman right up to experienced magnet fishermen. 

With 8 different fishing kits to choose from, all complete with magnets, gloves, rope, carabiner, thread locker and branded Online Magnets cap. We will have a fishing kit that meets your requirements.

Xpert Range of Neodymium Magnets

Our Xpert range of magnets is for the more experienced magnet fisherman. With a choice of 7 different magnets and pulling powers, you will find that perfect magnet setup. 

360 Degree Neodymium Magnets

Our range of 360 neodymium magnets all come with a reinforced durable protection case. These 360 neodymium magnets have incredible combined pulling forces. 

We stock a range of magnets from 600kg pulling power up to a whopping 1800kg pulling power. Protection cases for magnets can also be purchased separately. 

Neodymium Large Magnet & Rope

These magnet sets include a recovery magnet made from neodymium and rope with a carbineer. With 7 different magnet & rope sets to choose from. We will have a magnet & rope set that will suit your budget. 

Fishing Accessories for Large Magnet Fishing

If you are purchasing your fishing kit separately, check out our range of magnetic fishing accessories. All are designed to make your fishing experience with magnets easier and safer. 


Our nylon nitrile-coated gloves will protect your hands and fingers from a magnet pinch. The gloves also make hauling in the fishing rope easier and handle any metal objects recovered. 

Grappling Hooks

To help bring in those heavy hauls we have designed a 500kg retractable fishing hook. Able to lift the most challenging finds, these hooks will not get in the way of your magnet. A must-buy item for any fishing trip using magnets.

Fishing Ropes for Magnet Fishing

We stock an impressive range of 6 different fishing ropes that will attach to magnets ensuring you can hoist in your finds. Lengths range from 10m To 30m with breaking strains from 480kg to 1800kg.

All of our fishing ropes float and come with a carbineer to make connecting magnets a breeze. 

Why use a Neodymium Large Magnet for Fishing

For strong magnets, currently, there is nothing on the market to beat neodymium magnets for their compact size and huge pulling power. Also called super magnets or recovery magnets they can pull hundreds of kilos, making them ideal for magnetic fishing. 

A magnet made from neodymium is undoubtedly the best magnet on the planet to use when fishing for metallic objects. No other magnet comes close to a magnet made from neodymium. For ultimate pulling power and strength when you purchase a magnet, make sure you have the world’s best which is made from neodymium.

We would always recommend when purchasing magnets, purchase magnets from a reputable supplier, such as Online Magnets, all their magnets are 100% made from neodymium 

What are Rare Earth Magnets?

Rare earth magnets are more commonly known as neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are the strongest magnets, they produce a stronger magnetic field than ceramic or ferrite magnets. 

The production of a rare earth magnet uses a different process and various stages to produce a super strong magnet. 

Need further Info on our Large Magnet Range?

If you need any information on our range of magnets and fishing accessories. Get in touch and talk with our experts. 

To talk with us, either use our website contact page or send us a message. Or if you’re in the Dudley area drop into our store, our friendly staff members will be more than happy to advise on magnets and fishing all day.