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– UK Metal Detectors for sale

Metal detecting has been around for over 100 years. Alexander Graham Bell created the initial metal detector in 1881 to help US President James Garfield. President Garfield was shot by an assassin and as he lay dying, Bell hastily devised a rudimentary metal detector in an effort to track down the metal from the bullet. There are many metal detectors available to buy in the UK but in this article, we will be looking at the Garret metal detector in more detail.

What is metal detecting?

A person who enjoys looking for metal objects will use a metal detector to look for expensive objects in public spaces like parks, beaches, and historical sites. The metal detector can alert the user to frequencies or anomalies beneath the earth. The user then assesses the region to decide whether to dig to see what’s below.

The search coil of a metal detector sends an electromagnetic field into the ground to find metal. Any metallic items (targets) in the electromagnetic field will energise and emit their own electromagnetic field which is picked up by metal detectors. The search coil picks up the retransmitted field and notifies the metal detector user by generating a target response. Some metal detectors can be programmed to ignore undesirable targets and can distinguish between various target kinds.

Garrett Metal Detectors

– Why choose a Garret Metal Detector?

Garrett is a fantastic metal detector brand, some may say it is the best metal detector. Sport, security, and countermine metal detectors, including handheld, ground-search, and walk-through models, are designed and produced by Garrett metal detectors. Garrett metal detectors are a fantastic option because they are reasonably priced, high-quality products which are suitable even for youngsters. While maintaining a competitive price, Garrett metal detectors outperform competing “toy” detectors marketed at children in terms of performance.

Treasure Hunting Rocks With Hobby Metal Detectors

There are numerous justifications for taking up the pastime of using metal detectors. One benefit is that it’s a terrific way to exercise outside. You can end yourself walking several miles in one metal detector session while doing a survey. The chance of finding priceless artefacts makes metal detectors appealing is another reason.  While using metal detectors, people discover a wide variety of artefacts, including old keys, jewellery, gold, watches, and much more.

When you go on a treasure hunt, you will also discover a lot about your city. It’s a smart idea to conduct some research in the town room of your nearby library before leaving. This will assist in identifying the kinds of treasure that are most likely to be discovered in your area. You could wish to look around the shoreline for misplaced cash and jewellery if you’re close to the water or a beach.

Price of Different Models of Metal Detector for Sale

With a range of Garrett metal detectors available, we have something for everyone at Online Magnets. In this section, we will be looking at some of the different Garrett metal detector prices:

Garrett Ace 300i 2022 Metal Detector – £269.95

The ACE 300i metal detector from Garrett provides a host of features for an unbeatable price, including Digital Target ID, improved detection, a new audio system, and more. It is highly advised to use this Garrett metal detector for coin hunting, competition events, and freshwater/dry beach hunting. Additionally, it can be useful for relic and jewellery hunting.

Garrett Metal Detector ACE 400i – £357.95

The Garrett ACE 400i is highly recommended for detecting the same objects as the Garrett 300i metal detector but with more sophisticated capabilities like Iron Audio, Digital Target ID, and Frequency Adjust to help you unearth more treasure and less rubbish. This Garrett ACE model is considered the best in the Garrett ACE models.

Garrett Metal Detector AT PRO™ International – £599.95

With its innovative and distinctive Garrett technology, this all-terrain metal detector is perfect for looking for coins, artefacts, caches, jewellery, and even gold nuggets. Choose between the Standard or Professional search modes and benefit from improved audio features like:

– Uses Pro Mode Audio

– High-Res Iron Discrimination 

– Fast Recovery Speed

– Iron Audio 

– Digital Target ID

– Multi-terrain adaptability

Metal Detector for Kids

Metal detectors made by Garrett are fantastic for adults and kids. Finding artefacts that are unique and that have been buried for a long time in the ground is especially exciting for kids and can help pique their interest in history. In addition to the advantages of allowing kids to spend a lot of time outdoors, using might a Garret metal detector might one day become their job. In addition to being wonderful Christmas or birthday presents for children, Garrett metal detectors offer parents and children a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together while looking for hidden treasure.